Oh dear: McDonald’s rejects Kogan job application


Ruslan Kogan just might be the Australian technology sector’s version of Richard Branson. The 27-year-old entrepreneur still has his youthful good looks and enjoys going out on the town, he is skilled at making millions, and everywhere he seems to go, he generates controversy.

First Kogan took on Stephen Conroy’s internet filter project. The next target was Harvey Norman boss Gerry Harvey — on whom Kogan landed a series of stinging body blows. And now it’s McDonald’s.

Kogan told News.com.au this week he had applied for an entry level job with McDonald’s Elsternwick store so he could learn from the secrets of one of the world’s fast food masters.

“(McDonald’s) is one of the organisations that I respect the most in the world. The things they do are incredible, and also it’s a process driven business,” he said. “What makes a business so good is all of the processes and the way they can get people working there from all walks of life.”

But McDonald’s knocked him back. The company’s email:

Date: Wednesday 15/09/2010 2:05:53 PM

Dear Ruslan Kogan,

Thank you for your application.

Unfortunately at this time your application to McDonald’s Elsternwick has been unsuccessful.

Thank you for your interest in McDonald’s and good luck with your future endeavours.

Kind Regards

McDonald’s Elsternwick

We can’t blame McDonald’s for rejecting Kogan. After all, he might have ended up running the place, cleaning up its restaurants and making the food taste good with healthy ingredients, while keeping costs low. What kind of world would we live in if that happened? It would be like the sky had turned green.

Oh dear.

Image credit: Kogan Technologies


  1. If he did that, it wouldn’t be Maccas anymore. Not that I’d know, I refuse to eat there, and knowi t by reputation only.
    I did use it’s facilities once or twice on various road trips. Warning: don’t go to the toilet at the one in Cranbourne, Vic. .. ewww.

  2. Has Ruslan Kogan got that much time on his hands to be wasting other people or companies time. Look I have bought his products & quite like them so far but talk about cutting overheads. How office time and energy was wasted on his little bit of fun…… Come on Kogan, get a life or get a real job.

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