Oh dear: Kogan’s all-out war on Harvey Norman


Not content to have successfully lampooned Labor’s mandatory internet filtering project, the bad boys at Australian electronics manufacturer Kogan have taken aim squarely at Harvey Norman. Mumbrella points out the company is planning a satirical advertisement aimed at the retailer:

But that’s not all. Kogan supremo Ruslan Kogan has also challenged Harvey Norman chief Gerry Harvey to an election-style broadcast debate on the consumer electronics industry. Then there’s the hilarious video Kogan has produced mimicking Harvey Norman’s focus on “big brands”:

And, of course, the war has spilled onto Today Tonight:

Oh dear. Looks like the retailer with “hardly normal” prices has a bit of a fight on its hands. Game on!


  1. lol that’s Harvey Norman’s competition there a no name brand rofl

    i might by something cheap from Kogan however i wouldnt expect to have a lifespan like samsung LED’s

  2. I bought my Pioneer plasma mostly because it says ‘Pioneer’ on it – looks awesome. It’s a piece of furniture for my house. I would never buy some crappy brand TV or anything else for that matter, even if it was half the price.

    They’re not even that much cheaper – I just looked and JB have 55″ LEDs for around $100 more than Kogan’s, with similar specs. I’d gladly pay that for a Sony or Panasonic or whatever over a Kogan!

    Kogan should get the brand name TVs we all want and sell them cheaper – that’s a business! Retail prices are so inflated in Australia, it wouldn’t surprise me if Kogan makes as much on a TV as Harvey’s do, if not more.

    I’d never buy a KIA or a Daewoo for the same reason.

    But, each to their own!

    • The Kogan gear always seems to have a few quirks; but it does usually get the job done at a decent price. We had a Kogan review unit sitting in the Delimiter HQ for a year and it was more than adequate for what it was :)

  3. You realise that most if not all of the Kogan TV’s are simply a rebadged Samsung right?

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