Video: Telstra tests ‘Ultimate’ Next G modem


In this video, Telstra wireless engineer, Jared King, speed tests the telco’s Ultimate USB modem around Melbourne. The modem isn’t on sale yet, but when it is released it should provide a significant speed boost through its use of dual-carrier technology.

The device will allow Telstra customers to send and receive wireless data using two channels simultaneously, with the telco claiming it allows peak network downlink speeds of 42Mbps, although actual customer speeds will be lower.


  1. Just one thing – those speeds at Eureka tower; Doesn’t Telstra have a microcell going through the building (which would artificially bump up speeds)?

    I do like the reduced latency of this modem though.

  2. What is the up stream speed????????

    Lets hope this better thasn the Turbo 21 series lemon.

  3. I don’t think he said the product name enough in that video, what was he testing again?

    • Yeah I noticed that as well — and he said the full product name. It was almost like a mantra … “rub the magic bottle three times” …

  4. To answer the upstream speed question, uplink speed hasn’t changed between the Elite and the Ultimate devices meaning you’ll get 300kbps-3Mbps uplink in all capitals and selected regional areas.

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