Video: Optus customers queue for iPhone 4


With only scant hours to go before the launch of the iPhone 4 in Australia, we spoke with the gentlemen first in line outside Optus’ flagship store in the Sydney CBD.

Jack, Callum and Mitch have been waiting in the Optus queue since 2AM Thursday morning. None of them have done anything like this before — although Jack confessed that he owned “at least five” Apple products — including an iPhone 3GS.

Callum will be making a major upgrade from his existing phone to the iPhone 4 — he demonstrated a flip phone that might have been more than three or four years old. It’s certainly not the sort of device that would come with one of the new micro-SIM cards required by the iPhone 4.

The trio are clearly aware of the well-publicised issues with the iPhone 4 — joking that they had heard the phone had “really good reception” — but Jack’s looking forward to the improved camera in the handset that will allow high definition video in particular. “It’s like you don’t have to carry around a camera anymore — it’s good enough quality,” he said.

And they’re looking forward to the festivities planned tonight by Optus — potentially gifts for the first 50 people to line up — and the chance to catch up with singer Kelly Rowland. “We’re not big fans, but any celebrity is a celebrity,” said Jack.

Optus revealed earlier today that it had had more than 100,000 people pre-register for iPhone 4 info on its iPhone 4 site.

Video credit: Delimiter