Finally, Optus confirms iPhone 4 launch


a special page on its website it has set up for the purpose.

The wording of Optus’ statement was the same as similar statements issued by Telstra and Vodafone Hutchison Australia on the day that Apple revealed the iPhone 4. However on that day — and since that time, Optus has not confirmed it will launch the iPhone in Australia.

The only statement the company has issued on the matter came from Optus Consumer Marketing director Austin R. Bryan, who said the telco looked forward to providing “lots of information” to new and existing Optus customers on the iPhone 4 announcement “in the near future”.

Delimiter has asked Optus for a response on why it took so long to confirm it would launch the iPhone, but it is not yet clear whether the telco will issue a statement on the matter.

When the iPhone was launched and Optus didn’t immediately confirm it would sell the device, Ovum analyst Nathan Burley said he very much doubted that Apple would return to its initial strategy of restricting which telcos could sell the iPhone.

“There may be slight differences in timing as to when the operators get the devices or get large shipments of it,” Burley said, but he added that Apple’s business model had shifted to providing the iPhone through multiple partners.

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  1. Two of us at my workplace received that invitation at 1:30 pm today, to to encourage registration for information.

    Most of the connect site was a special vendor version from Apple, of what you need to know about iPhone4.

    Staying with Optus after this first contract, will be influenced by iPhone4 capability with Quad band to get a decent (any?) signal in my Faradays cage at work. Sadly Telstra works great in this place.

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