Sydney iPhone 4 launch: Photos by Optus


In these photos, Optus takes us on a tour through its iPhone 4 launch in Sydney last night — including a special performance by former Destiny’s Child star Kelly Rowland.

In a statement, the company said that it had experienced “unprecedented demand” for the iPhone 4, with Australians queuing up around the country at five flagship Optus stores at midnight to buy the handset. “Limited stock is still available but given the high demand, we recommend customers contact their local store to check availability first,” Optus said.

According to Optus, there were 750 people who queued up at its Sydney store, with the first customer being a young man by the name of Jack Breen — who was in line with his friends at 2AM on Thursday morning. Its Melbourne event attracted over 1,000 people, with the first person in line there from 1AM.

Over 300 people hit Optus’ Brisbane event, 200 people attended the Adelaide festivities, and 300 attended in Perth. Cairns didn’t have a midnight event, but there were 50 people in line at Optus’ store there this morning, with Australian Idol star Stan Walker providing entertainment. 50 people lined up by 6AM for the company’s 8AM launch in Bendigo, with MTV’s Erin McNaught hosting bands and breakdancing entertainment.

In total, Optus had more than 100,000 people register for information prior to the launch.

Image credit: Optus