Video: Behind the Aussie server news


In this video, we go behind the past several days of news to explain how and why we’ve been covering the issue of whether video game manufacturer Blizzard Entertainment will stop region-locking on its upcoming StarCraft II game and whether it will set up an Australian server.

After watching the video again, we realised that one potential hypocritical aspect of the argument that there should be an Australian server is that it is argued that ping times for World of WarCraft players in Australia to the US are bad, but that StarCraft II players are actually arguing for access to US servers — so that they can play against their friends and not be locked to Singapore, where ping times may also be worse.

But there is a persuasive argument to be made that it all comes down to choice — customers using Blizzard’s products should have the option of great ping times to an Australian server, as well as having the option to sacrifice some speeds when they want to play against international players.

This video can also be found on YouTube.


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