Would you vote for a party which supports filtering?


Australia’s technology press is banding together on a common survey question regarding the Federal Government’s mandatory internet filtering policy. We’re asking just one simple question: Would you vote for a political party which supports the internet filter?

Thanks for your vote!


  1. Do we really have a choice? Would the liberals really be any better?

    Sure, you can vote greens/demoncrats but in the end its the preferences that really matter

  2. @jai

    The Pirate Party and The Australian Sex Party don’t support internet filtering. I’m voting for the Pirate Party.

    • While you’re sailing the seven seas I’ll be on the beach with bikini babes. Shagalicious baby.

      Sounds like a plan :-)

  3. It’s an unfair question as the majority of their policies may outweigh the oppositions. Liberal want filtering plus crap internet connectivity solutions.

    I hate the idea of filtering but it can be circumvented and a world class fibre network will outlast any filtering policy. It can be switched off!

    We can always threatened to vote them out at the election after next (2013) after the NBN has been built! Can Liberal rip up the NBN after it’s established?

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