NBN Co nicks Telstra online chief


update The National Broadband Network company has nabbed one of Telstra’s new media executives to lead its own online development work — including enterprise content management and customer relationship management sites.

Until this month, Michael Bromley was head of Online at Telstra’s Business (SME) division and responsible for driving its new media program of work, but according to his LinkedIn profile, he now works for NBN Co as its head of Portals and Online Services. At NBN Co the executive will, according to that profile:

“Drive the Portals and Online program of work which also includes enterprise content management, CRM, and other development initiatives — Manage key stakeholders within a growing matrix startup organisation — Provide overall leadership in the digital, mobile, and enterprise online space.”

Before his online role at Telstra, Bromley had been director of Wireless and Device Innovation at Telstra. He previously worked for mobile ticketing specialist bCODE and also had senior business development roles at BlackBerry maker Research in Motion and AOL.

The executive is not the only senior Telstra new media executive to leave the telco’s ranks over the past few weeks. In late June, Telstra revealed the director of its Media division, Chris Taylor, would leave the company as part of a wider shake-up, just weeks after he helped to unveil Telstra’s flagship T-box set-top box.

Taylor was one of the key executives behind building commercial relationships with film and television studios for the T-box, which launched this month with a substantial library of video on demand and unique IPTV content.

NBN Co is currently soaking up talent from telecommunications companies and other groups all around the country as it bolts on hundreds of staff, quickly building scale for its mammoth task of building and operating the National Broadband Network.

A Telstra spokesperson said the company wished Bromley well in his new role.

Image credit: Rob Owen-Wahl, royalty free


  1. ummm… justin milne was head of online at telstra (isp, digital, media) up until his departure earlier this year. no idea who this guy is.

    • Ah cool — this is what I had suspected but been unable to find out from Telstra or otherwise. I didn’t see that on Bromley’s site. His LinkedIn profile did not state that. I will update the article with that addition.


      This still doesn’t make Milne head of online though ;) In practice, maybe that was what he did. But it wasn’t his title ;)

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