Infor gurus to fix Qld Health woes


The Queensland State Government has flown in two highly paid software gurus from Canadian vendor Infor to help fix its ongoing payroll problems at Queensland Health.

A spokesperson for the state’s Department of Public Works — which has broad responsibility for the implementation and maintenance of the new payroll system, which is based on SAP software and was setup with the assistance of IBM — confirmed the staff deployment this afternoon. It was first outlined in a story in the Courier-Mail.

The state will pay almost $345,465 to Infor for the pair to work on union requests for system changes. Infor’s Workbrain software is used as the rostering component of the payroll system. The duo have been contracted for 14 weeks’ worth of work.

The news comes as the unions continue to put pressure on the Government to resolve the payroll debacle, which has been dragging on for months. A large number of Queensland Health staff have received little or no pay in some periods since the new platform was introduced in March this year, although the situation is gradually improving.

A message on the website of the Queensland Nurses’ Union states that the payroll debacle is “beyond a joke” and that “it’s time to send a strong message to the government that enough is enough”.

The union has exhorted its members to write to their local government MP or directly to Premier Anna Bligh or the Minister for Health.

Consulting firm KPMG is currently conducting an extensive review into the issue, although its first report into the matter did not divulge where the blame for the debacle should fall.

Image credit: Qantas


  1. Its a fascinating thing that 12 months on, Infor have failed to deliver anything that even remotely looks like an improved payroll system. They have taken the Qld Govt for a very expensive ride and have not delivered on their promises. And yet, they continue to work with Qld Health and be paid to be completely incompetent. If that’s the best that Canada can give us, Qld have no hope of ever getting their payroll system sorted out.

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