Optus continues Android push with X10 Mini


Optus has ramped up its offering of Android-based handsets with the release of the Sony Ericsson X10 Mini earlier this week.

Optus, which has a number of Android-based handsets available, launched its first Android-based handset early February last year, the HTC Dream, which was available to public through Optus on the 16 Feburary 2009.

This story was broken by Android Australia. The X10 Mini has a 600MHz processor, a QVGA screen and a 5 megapixel camera. The operating system used is Android 1.6 and not the latest available OS, 2.2.

The Sony Ericsson handset is available on the Optus Personal Mobile Store and plans range from $19 to $99 on the “yes” social, $19 to $79 on the “yes” cap and $99 to $129 on the Timeless Max. All plans come with a credit bonus of $50 to $100 if purchased online through the Optus store.

Although the phone isn’t available as pre paid on the Optus site it is available as pre-paid on Telechoice for $349.

The sleeker Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 is also available from Optus but the Sony Ericcson X10 Mini Pro, which has a physical keyboard, wasn’t found on the Optus website at the time of writing this article.

Optus has also recently launched Motorola’s range of Motoblur handsets, which have a big focus on bringing together social networking platforms. However the company does not appear to have attracted the same levels of hype with customers around the handsets as Telstra has with its flagship HTC Desire Android handset.

Image credit: Sony Ericsson


    • I dunno, I have played with the normal Xperia X10, and I think overall I prefer the HTC Desire — I think HTC has taken it just that one step further than Sony Ericsson has. But Sony Ericsson does have a good history with phones in recent years, will be interesting to see how they take on HTC next.

      • I’m yet to toy with the HTC Desire but I can say with conviction that the Xperia X10 (not the X10 mini) is the best handset I’ve used. Oh, and on a design level, the Xperia is sexier.

  1. I saw 2 HTC phones at JB Hifi. I loved the bigger screen one they had, but it was running Windows (fail). If only the Desire was that touch bigger…..

    • I think the EVO is what you’re looking for! I think the Win one at JB is the HD2. I’m not sure what spectrums the EVO runs on, but knowing HTC they’ll have versions for all networks.

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