Oh dear: Those pesky, unrepentant EFA boys


So Communications Minister Stephen Conroy talked a little smack yesterday in the Senate about the boys from Electronic Frontiers Australia, accusing vice-chair Colin Jacobs, chairman Nic Suzor and board member Geordie Guy of being, well — liars.

Jacobs, it seemed, was unsurprised:

Conroy pointed out in the Senate that Joe Hockey — who last week took a swipe at the filter — had supported legislation to get refused classification content removed from Australian websites more than a decade ago. But it seems the good Communications Minister isn’t the only one with a long memory.

Jacobs, it seems, also remembers that far back:

Guy seemed a little overwhelmed by events.

But he quickly recovered.

EFA campaign manager Peter Black, however, felt a little left out:

But perhaps Conroy’s biggest worry has nothing to do with the EFA guys themselves:

Oh dear.

Image credits: Delimiter