Oh dear: How crazy can Pamela Anderson get?


‘Oh dear’ is a new section on Delimiter devoted to, shall we say, the lighter side of some of the more infamous occurrences in Australia’s technology sector.

It looks like local domain name reseller Crazy Domains has got itself into a spot of bother with the Advertising Standards Bureau about its advertisement (below) featuring former Baywatch star Pamela Anderson.

The video stars what we believe is supposed to be your typical lazy office IT geek in a board meeting with the boss — Pam — and her seductive brunette secretary, but quickly degenerates into full body bikini shots of the pair rubbing cream all over each other.

Apparently quite a few people have complained (full report at ARN) that the ad has nothing to do with domain names. We’re not disputing that call. But that has never stopped anyone in the domain name industry. Remember Larry Bloch’s CeBIT nurses?

Oh dear.


  1. I don’t care of some people are saying negative comments about Pamela Anderson. To me she is the sexiest woman. Her face is cute and I love her curvy body.

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