Oh dear: One for the ladies …


There’s no doubt that we’ve posted a few photos of lovely ladies on Delimiter over the past year … Jennifer Hawkins showed up to launch a Vodafone bus, Pamela Anderson helped out Crazy Domains with their “pouring cream all over herself needs”, and who could forget the Meter Maids who entertained attendees at Microsoft’s Tech.Ed conference on the Gold Coast?

So now it’s time for Delimiter’s female audience to enjoy themselves … courtesy of a promotion of some kind by Virgin Mobile in Martin Place yesterday, involving the telco’s “big cap” plan and chocolate enticements to break up with your current mobile provider. “In less than 24 hours you could be out of an unhappy relationship, and into a brand new phomance with someone who really cares,” says Virgin head of customer marketing Dan Woodall. We bet.

Image credit: Virgin Mobile


  1. Heh, I read ‘the telco’s “big clap” plan’…. and I wasn’t thinking about applause.

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