Federal Govt tenders $400m desktop deal


The Federal Government has issued a long-awaited $300 million to $400 million whole of government request for tender for desktop and laptop computers.

The contract will establish a panel of vendors through which most Federal Government agencies, authorities and companies will be able to fill their desktop and laptop needs, as well as departments in the state and territorial governments.

“The Commonwealth spends approximately $100 million per year on desktop hardware,” the documents state. “Depending on market conditions and hardware lifecycles, the Commonwealth may spend between $300 and $400 million on desktop hardware over the life of the proposed arrangements.”

The panel contract will initially be established for three years, with two extension options of one year each. The Government plans to execute agreements with successful tenderers in April/May this year.

The stimulus to establish such a contract initially came from the delivery of Sir Peter Gershon’s extensive report into Government use of technology in mid-2008, although the debate about whole of Government technology purchasing arrangements dates back before the current Labor government took power in November 2007.

In October 2009, finance minister Lindsay Tanner confirmed the Federal Government would establish new whole of government purchasing arrangements for desktop equipment and telecommunications products and services.

The Department of Defence had recently gone to tender for an interim contract, which would serve its own and other agencies’ needs until the tender released this week was finalised.

“Further arrangements for telecommunication management services and commodities, such as mobile phone handsets, are planned for deployment through the 2010-2011 financial year,” Tanner’s office said at the time.

Image credit: Office of Lindsay Tanner