Thanks a million; now let’s party


You might remember that when Delimiter first moved into our new offices in Randwick in March this year, things were looking a little bare (see above).

Since then, things have changed a lot. Over the past year, we’ve played host to most of the major technology companies in Australia, as well as other industry players, and a number of readers and contributors to the site. We’ve had countless conversations on our couches over morning or afternoon tea or beers, about issues ranging from the National Broadband Network, to cloud computing and the iPad, and even deeper issues such as political philosophy and the modern economy.

And our guest book wall, which was looking so empty at the start of the year, has now filled up with people’s signatures and well wishes for our business. To be honest, we’re fairly humbled by all the help we’ve received this year from everyone for our launch — we have a lot to be grateful for. The whole industry has pitched in to help Delimiter succeed, and we really appreciate all your work.

Now, there’s a common saying in startup circles that most new businesses fail within the first year — and most of the rest fail within the next three years. Well, today is the day that we can announce that we’re going to buck that trend. We’ve survived the first year intact — and Delimiter is here to stay.

Our financials are looking sound, and although we’ve recently lost several staff, we’re hiring at the moment — expect an announcement shortly as we finalise the details.

In addition, today we can announce that Delimiter is on track to achieve one million page impressions (80 percent from Australia) in total for the full 2010 calendar year. Our traffic and the number of comments on each article has been growing every month, and we expect to keep growing next year — with a slight dip next month as you all take Christmas off to head to the beach ;)

To celebrate all of this, we’re hosting a party at the Delimiter offices on Thursday the 25th of November — in two weeks. We’ve stocked the fridge full of beer and other drinks:

But don’t even think of stealing the Guinness — that belongs to Delimiter publisher Renai LeMay. See you there!

Date: Thursday 25 November
Time: We’ll be relaxing from 3pm, so feel free to drop by for some quiet drinks. The party is likely to kick off in a bigger way after 5pm, and we’ll stay quite late — our last party went past midnight!
Location: Delimiter’s office, 1/175 Alison Road, Randwick, NSW 2031 (up the stairs)
RSVP: In the comments below this article, or drop us a line by email — or just don’t RSVP at all! No worries.
Questions: Contact 02 8011 4539, or @renailemay


  1. Congratulations on your success Renai! Pipe Sydney xmas drinks are on the same night…decisions…

  2. Rec day already booked (and next day as well for the subsequent hangover)

    (Subject to no issues with my very sick sister)

    Where are the bacon jokes?

    • Sorry to hear your sister is sick, Darryl. I hope it isn’t long-term or big suffering.

      Putting myself in her place and thinking of my brother, I think she would want you to have some time for yourself. :)

  3. Congrats Renai. Discovering this awesome website was one of the coolest things to happen to me online this year. The articles and debates that surround them here are fascinating, and I can honestly say I’ve learnt a lot from you and the many contributors to the site.

    I wish I could join you for a beer, but alas I’m stuck down in Hobart. Have a great night though and keep up the great work!

  4. Congrats Renai! Delimiter is my daily read on Google Reader. Excellent industry news and analysis.

    (zaphod6502 on Twitter)

  5. Well deserved success and I look forward to drinking your wine at your party to celebrate! See you then.

  6. “and although we’ve recently lost several staff”

    Who would that be?

    Adam (reader since about day 5 that you started the site)

  7. Hi Renai,

    I’ll be there and a couple more Howorth peeps should be a long also. Looking forward to it!

  8. Hi Renai,

    I intend to pop in late afternoon. Got children responsibilities later (wife in Melbourne with sick mother) so will not be able to stay, but keen on celebrating/acknowledging your year.



  9. I’d love to be there, but I’m unable to move around. How about next year we have an online event as well?

    It could just be a discussion about Delimiter’s/tech directions, or a general chat between Delimiter supporters. ;)

  10. Hope you had a good party. Sorry I missed it. The golfman doesn’t mind a few sherberts now and then :)

  11. I am sorry I was unable to make it Renai. My wife is in Melbourne dealing with a sick mother and my daughter has taken ill – I have to keep an eye on her as they suspected it might be appendicitis. I think she will be OK though.

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