BigPond massively cuts broadband plan costs


Telstra’s BigPond internet service provider arm has dramatically cut prices on a range of its broadband plans, including a massive chop on its 200GB Elite plan which will see monthly prices drop from $179.95 to $89.95.

The company will also chop the monthly price of its 50GB Elite plan from $109.95 to $69.95 and its 2GB Elite plan from $49.95 down to $39.95. Its 2GB Turbo plan will also be chopped in price from $39.95 to $29.95. BigPond has also reduced the number of its broadband plans from 12 to four to simplify its offerings, and none of its plans feature additional usage fees.

BigPond uses the ‘Elite’ label to refer to either ADSL broadband at speeds of up to 20Mbps or HFC cable at speeds of up to 30Mbps – although in some areas it does also offer speeds of up to 100Mbps through an update on the cable network. It uses ‘Turbo’ to refer to ADSL broadband at speeds of up to 1500kbps and cable up to 8Mbps.

BigPond will also offer customers up to $20 off their monthly broadband access when they combine a new 24 month broadband plan with a Telstra ‘full service’ fixed line phone and an extra BigPond wireless broadband, Telstra post-paid mobile plan, or 24 month Foxtel TV subscription.

In a statement revealing the new plans, Telstra’s executive director of its consumer division, Rebekah O’Flaherty, said Telstra had conducted research showing internet access was one of three things – the other two were food and heating – that Australians would least like to spend a day without.

“Telstra’s research reveals more than half (51.2 percent) of all households now feature four or more types of internet enabled devices,” O’Flaherty said. “With information, entertainment and news being enjoyed across multiple devices in the house, it’s not surprising that consumer demand for speed, simplicity and value from their broadband is growing.
“Telstra realises customers’ needs are changing, which is why our new BigPond broadband plans deliver greater data allowances at lower prices, allowing household members to do more on the internet for less.”

Image credit: Screenshot of BigPond media release


  1. If they drop the 200Gb one another $10 – $15 and I’d seriously consider switching given that Telstra is the only way I can get ADSL2 at my place.

  2. I realise of course that you’re mainly just picking up the Telstra release, Renai, but would it hurt to question as to whether they’ll fairly pass these price drops along in kind to their wholesale ADSL2+ customers?

    No, they won’t. Of course they won’t. And that’s disgusting.

  3. As someone living out of metro on 1.5Mb ADSL resale that 200GB ADSL2+ plan looks really tempting

  4. Hi Renai,
    Can you do some of your investigative digging into when they will drop the wholesale rates?

  5. The Cap is only down, or is it uploads and downloads?

    Compared to what I am paying at iinet for ADSL2+, it looks very nice.

    Hopefully iinet and internode will match this.

  6. Do existing users get a free upgrade? for instance if you had the old 12gb Elite plan do you get a free bump to say the 50gb or do you have to do that manual and be charged with an upgrade fee? (wishful thinking I know but it can’t hurt to ask). I can’t believe Telstra are actually listening to complaints about pricing. Will pigs start flying?

    • Yes. Telstra appear to be listening to complaints about their pricing. It wasn’t all that long ago they revamped their NextG mobile plans to more closely resemble something that you’d almost consider buying. It’s good to see.

  7. I’ve been with iiNet for close to 8 years now and am on their top plan “Naked Home 6 85GB + 85GB ADSL2+ speeds at $119.95” and constantly hitting the cap. Does Telstra do naked DSL ? ie no line rental? Seriously considering switching for first time in 8 years. With this and their new mobile plans – Telstra is becoming a serious option again.

  8. The corporate speak is amusing. “Telstra realises customers’ needs are changing, which is why our new BigPond broadband plans deliver greater data allowances at lower prices.” Since when has customers’ needs for more service at lower price NOT been on the table? Sometimes I wish Telstra would just be honest and say that prices are dropping through the industry, and so are theirs. There’s no loss of face in saying that, and it’s closer to the truth.

  9. Does it really matter how they say it Stil? If a person isn’t already a dyed in the wool Telstra supporter they would view any statement with extreme cynicism anyway… ; )

    As for the price drops, good for them. As other posters, I’m seriously considering jumping ship from my Internode plan (ADSL1+, 40 gig, 89 bucks, no Internode or any other DSLAM for me) for this. The price/quota is just too damn good not to at least mull over.

    And in regards to fairness, I’d like to see the ACCC start to assess this whole thing from the standpoint of Telstra retail vs competitor retail over their own DSLAMs (after all, resold competitor services are typically 10-30% more expensive for customers often getting the exact same product/speed/quota).

    I understand competitors aren’t able (or don’t want to) roll out competitive DSLAMs everywhere, but I hardly think that’s the best reason why ~50% of the broadband using population shouldn’t be able to access better pricing now that it’s finally on offer… If the competitors do not have to place their infrastructure everywhere now that they have significant offerings in the richest plums, why should Telstra be bound to compete against it’s own wholesale service in the more sparse areas?

    • Ben stated
      Just shows, how over priced there plans always were in the past that they can make cuts like these.

      Ben I could not agree more, just look at their top wireless plan, 12GB advertised $89.95 after a discount of $20 with another two Telstra products (actual real price $109.95), I like many customers could not get a port for a fixed ADSL broadband, and was dished out second best wireless! and out of interest just look at the obscene price and data value , an ADSL plan from Telstra giving 200gb for $69 . how can a young family with school children manage on a wireless,12GB top plan?

  10. The privatisation of Telstra was sold to as as being about competition, efficiency and all those other buzzwords from the 90s. Its taken them THIS long to work out just how uncompetitive they were? I’m afraid this attempt at playing catchup does little for my confidence as either a potential return customer or a shareholder.

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