Telstra announces free Netflix, Stan, Presto on mobile plans


news Recognising that Australians’ sport and TV consumption habits are moving rapidly towards a more mobile, small-screen experience, Telstra has announced a number of free streaming options for its customers, as well as a new app.

From 23 August, Telstra will include a free three-month subscription to three streaming video providers – Netflix, Stan and Presto – on selected mobile plans.

Additionally, from the same date, all the company’s mobile plan customers will be able to stream audio from the Apple Music service without tapping into their data allowance and will receive a free six-month Apple Music subscription.

All live games on the AFL and NRL apps will continue to be unmetered for Telstra mobile customers for the rest of the 2016 football season.

Calling the additions “great value” for Telstra’s mobile customers, Michele Garra, Executive Director Media, said: “Australians have embraced streaming video services like Netflix in their lounge rooms and we are now seeing that appetite translate to phones and tablets outside the home.”

“As an example, network traffic surges during the morning and afternoon commute suggesting two new prime-time periods are emerging, as people discover how easy it to continue watching their favourite shows on the go,” she said.

According to the telco, new research reveals mobile video streaming is growing at more than 30% a year and on-demand TV, sports and music is changing when and where Australians choose to experience video and audio content.

For example, one in four (27%) participants stream music and video, with 11% doing so at work, 10% in the car and 15% on public transport. One in 10 also said they had missed work, walked into something or burned the dinner when streaming content, the firm said.

Telstra has also announced a new app aimed to make it easy to discover the sports and entertainment content included in Telstra mobile plans.

“We want our customers to have a simple way to redeem the offers available to them as part of their mobile plan,” said Garra. “We know our customers love exploring what’s new and trending.”

The Telstra TV+ app allows the firm’s customers to search for movies and TV shows across Stan, Presto and BigPond Movies, and also acts as a mobile remote for Telstra TV.

Garra added that, over the past 12 months, Telstra “has invested billions of dollars” to expand mobile capacity and 4G coverage to accommodate Australia’s accelerating shift to small-screen entertainment.

“Our focus on network quality has seen us boost data speeds for 4G customers by 20% over the course of the last 12 months, making Australia’s fastest mobile network even better for streaming live sports and entertainment,” she said.

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      • The only difference is that T$ is offering a 3 month trial, as opposed to the 1 month trial from Netflix itself.

        Regardless, even though I am on T$, I wouldn’t sign up for one of those plans, as I get free yearly Netflix… courtesy of my mother and her plan… :)

        • The other difference is that there are no NetFlix contracts. Just a monthly subscription. You can come and go as you please.

          Most direct subscribers who sign up for the free month get hooked on the service anyways. Who can resist all-you-can-eat TV shows & movies for a mere $14.99 (Premium) a month in any resolution up to UltraHD depending on the title you choose to watch.

          I have subscribed to Netflix since they first started streaming services in the U.S. in 2007. I also subscribe to Hulu and HBO (have to get my Game of Thrones fix).

          As my residence has Smart Lighting I have addons that control lighting while watching Netflix.

          NetFlix Socks is very cool too.

          There is also a prototype revealed last year of a new device called “The Switch” which allows Netflix users to turn off lights, silence the phone and order takeout using local servers which you can build yourself.

          My mainstream viewing is on 4K multicast IPTV service provided by my ISP in San Francisco. I have a choice between DISH TV which integrates NetFlix with 12 months subscription credit, and DIRECTV. Both services are awesome each having unique advantages

    • I think the plan was to have free DATA to Netflix etc but was nerfed at some point.
      Optus are offering free data on mobile for Netflix and others.

  1. They also fail to highlight the difference between three months free access to the services, and three months free mobile bandwidth used on the services. That could get very expensive for people who don’t understand the difference and think they are also getting the latter.

  2. Sounds like mobile usage is very low for a reason. Because its a white elephant scam. If you are watching netflix you’d watch a TV or a tablet or laptop. A mobile phone come on.

    So they assisted to cripple fixed line VOD usage by dumping their faulty copper and running away with billions of our money.

    They colluded to kill fibre internet for the next few decades. So it wouldn’t compete with their gold plated crap.

    Telstra are an abomination of the Liberals creation.

    Sounds like they are scamming people into massive data charges. They scam people with mobile, they scam people with their faulty copper, they will scam these sheep too.

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