Brennan IT selects Commvault and Huawei for backup-as-a-service


news Brennan IT, an IT and telecoms managed services provider, has deployed a “scalable and flexible” backup-as-a-service solution utilising Commvault software and support, alongside Huawei OceanStor hardware.

Following a significant growth in the amount of data coming under management, Brennan IT needed to streamline its data protection processes and data management, as well as provide executives with greater transparency with regard to the firm’s infrastructure and data. It opted for to engage Commvault and Huawei for a solution.

Brennan IT – which has over 300 staff at four offices across Australia – required a system that would provide “exceptional” levels of service to customers, while catering to the growth needs of the business with scalability and flexibility.

“Our customers require immediate responses to their concerns, and to deliver on this, we needed a partner that was committed to enabling a high-performance and reliable environment,” said Ken Jeffreys, Cloud Services Manager at Brennan IT.

In the last 18 months, Brennan IT had seen a big increase in the daily volume of data being generated as part of its hosted, cloud and on-premise services.

The firm currently has 3 petabytes under management, with 2,200 servers protected, and over 1000 jobs per night with a “greater than 99% success rate”, Commvault said.

“Without the strong integration and simplicity of Huawei OceanStor hardware and Commvault software, it would be challenging to protect the sheer volume of data that we have under management.” said Jeffreys. “The combined solutions provide us with a robust and scalable storage platform for our controlled software and large service farm backups.”

Brennan IT also partnered with Commvault’s Enterprise Support Program to help with the system’s design and deployment.

“The depth of knowledge of the Enterprise Support Program was essential to the project’s ultimate success, as well as the transfer of critical skills into Brennan IT,” said Jeffreys. “They really acted as our trusted advisor, helping to both deal with low- level technical issues, and provide strategic direction in our overall development roadmap.”

Eugene Trautwein, Regional Vice President of Customer Support at Commvault, commented: “We have a long and rich history of providing industry leading customer support to our customers, which is why we are continuously looking for new ways to improve our response times, escalation management and to partner strategically with our customers under our Enterprise Support Program.”

“We believe our success with Brennan IT is indicative of our commitment to helping service providers tackle challenges rapidly and effectively while enabling their customers to focus on their core business with minimal disruptions,” he said.