CommVault vs Tivoli at 20 paces


blog Over at, a small skirmish in the ongoing war between IBM’s Tivoli Storage Manager and CommVault was yesterday chronicled. Writes Simon Sharwood of the decision by the Department of Familiies, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs to dump Big Blue’s option in favour of the alternative following a series of outages:

“[Assistant director] Luyt already felt that “TSM is hard to configure, has poor central management and is expensive,” and the outages convinced him that a new backup solution was imperative.”

We can’t speak to the quality of each package, but what we can say is that CommVault has been spamming our email inbox about their solutions — including the dreaded Gartner Magic Quadrant email — for the past year or so, so they must be quite excited about the Australian market. And why not? Every time we speak to someone from storage land, we realise that the market for storage solutions just keeps on growing — Australians, it turns out, just keep on creating new data.

Then again, things aren’t going quite as well as CommVault would have hoped in Australia — after all, it’s currently in court with former managing director Dominic Corrigan, who claims he was unfairly sacked in early 2010 after just a few months on the job … further juicy allegations can be found at iTNews.

Swings and roundabouts we guess!

Image credit: Whrelf Siemens, royalty free