Telstra adds Mozy backup to T-Suite


Telstra announced today that small to medium businesses would have access to EMC’s Mozy Pro remote backup solution through its T-Suite software as a service platform.

“Catastrophic data loss can wipe out years of work – if not your entire business,” said Marcus Bartram, the telco’s head of Cloud Solutions Marketing within its small and medium business division. “Remote Backup MozyPro Server and PC are all about simple, convenient data backup and retrieval.”

Two options are available to SMB customers — one with available space from 10GB to 1TB of data, and another with 5GB to 50GB of backup space. A 30 day trial for initial sign-ups of the packages is available for T-Suite customers, with charging to begin after the trial.

Both options include use of SAS70-certified and ISO-compliant datacentres, and Telstra said it ensured that data would encrypted at all stages of the process — before transmission, transit and whilst in storage. Customers can select data to backup, chose when automatic backups occur and access their history log, configurations and bandwidth usage. They are also able to restore data and back-up the SQL Server and Exchange platforms on Windows.

Telstra’s range of T-Suite applications include Microsoft Exchange Online, Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suite, Mcafee SaaS Endpoint Protection, MessageLabs Email Protection and Xero Online Accounting with most applications available for a free 30 day trial.

Mozy was acquired by EMC Corporation in 2007 when EMC bought the Mozy developers, Berkley Data Systems for $76 million. EMC then introduced Mozy services to Australia in 2008. The company has 60,000 business customers globally, 50 petabytes of data collectively.


    • You could say that, however, as with Carbonite, I bet there are a whole heap of Australian customers who have already signed up with the US service.

      The internet has no borders (yet).

  1. No doubt there are. From a reseller perspective however and inroads into small business this is new territory. Unlike Carbonite, Mozy doesn’t have local pricing (until now) nor local support. Unsure if Telstra will be offering support for the service.

  2. Telstra could value-add to this by offering data restoration on Hard Drive. Mozy only offer restoration via Web and DVD. Booo! We already have 1Tb drives for $50 – how many DVDs would you need for that?

    I wonder if Carbonite offer this already… but I already have 120Gb backed up on Mozy, too late!

  3. No we don’t. Our servers are also in the US and offering a hard drive service that will ship the drive from there to here is not very practical. Its actually not even available in the US.

    They might be thinking about it for the Carbonite Pro service, which is the small business package they released earlier this year.

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