1. I’m not surprised by this, I think it will take a green-labor coalition gov to force this issue.

  2. Reality check: Not only is the DR Act fundamentally flawed from a drafting POV (as Internet Australia has always maintained), it’s implementation has been thoroughly botched.

    A year after it was enacted not one dollar of the limited and insufficient funding allocated by the Government has been received by ISP’s.

    This is legislation enacted allegedly in order to assist in the prevention of terrorism. So much for urgency that saw it rushed through Parliament by the Abbott Government.

    • I heard recently (though haven’t been able to confirm) that the Australian legislative bodies have enacted approximately as much terrorism justified legislation as the rest of the world combined. Which is especially amazing consider there has arguably never been an act of real terrorism on our shores (Sydney was a mentally ill man with a pistol, not an organised act of terrorism.)
      It’s more about increasing political control and appearances. Considering the levels of incompetence and casual corruption (AFP raids at NBN behest is actually this) in our security services this is blood chilling.

  3. Government mass surveillance and concentration camps but more fibre whatever that means so vote 1 Labor!

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