The Inside Track: Behind the scenes of NBN Co’s Fibre on Demand program


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  1. The whole thing is a sick hoax – it doesn’t exist.

    Malcolm told us we wouldn’t see crazy prices like $5000 for FoD based on what BT did in the UK, yet we are seeing much higher than that (sometimes double and tripe). What a joke.

      • Renai, labor aren’t the only ones who called b.s. On Turnbull’s claims for FoD, there were quite a number of your readers, including myself, who called his claims wildly unrealistic.

      • FoD certainly doesn’t exist Renai, well at least in the areas of the Adel Hills that are being consigned to Satellite.

        Over here, we are being told “your road is too narrow to even consider your Technology Choice application for an upgrade”.
        the rest of the article can be found here:

        Meanwhile NBNco spends $40K (each) for 3 premises in QLD to have FTTP connected (in a FTTN rollout area).

  2. Hmm…Exactly how many times will the taxpayer pay for a 21st century internet connection. Once for infrastructure requiring an upgrade after delivery (FTTN) – again for maintenance/sustainment of this FTTN – again for rectification of poorly maintained infrastructure purchased by the govt (taxpayer) HFC and copper and again for a choice to actually have something that performs and works in a 21st century way (comparable to systems outside of Australia)……Very costly and poorly delivered. But of course, it is “taxpayer funded” with major interference from “the politics of the day”. Sounds like a “Defence Project” – over budget, under performing, expensive to own and use.

  3. Was expecting photos of tumble weeds in this article.

    It’s clear the destructive coalition clowns want to prevent as many people from getting fibre as possible. First clue was them stopping the correct FttP rollout in favor of their backwards MTM copper based patchwork clusterfuck. Second clue was making their FoD as difficult and as expensive as possible, they cant risk it, they cant risk it because if there is significant demand they will have to admit that their politically motivated plan is just that and that FttP was right all along. Third clue is yet to be confirmed but I suspect it is why GimpCo will not rollout FttDp in significant numbers, such a plan would have clear and cheaper upgrade path to FttP.

  4. When I can afford I will definitely get a subscription. I’m missing out on so much info. Poor student woes, unwilling to work haha :(

    Yup I called B.S on FOD. This government really can’t back away from their doggy mess after spewing stupid amounts of support for old technology. I swear our politicians are extremely retarded. And this will cost us a lot.

  5. Does this really qualify as the ‘inside track’? It’s more a summary of what else is out there in the media.

  6. No upgrade path to fibre for millions of people. Hopeless reckless economy killers. Fibre cheaper in the end. Maanwhile HFC went down again the other day but thankfully not for 3 days like last time.

    They are over building with FTTN I believe ? ie IINET 200mbps HFC. Being scrapped for faulty Liberal copper.

    I believe they are secretly rolling out faulty ADSL in HFC areas by stealth. I saw a reel of fibre looking cable on the back of a dodgy unmarked truck in my area which has faulty crappy HFC.

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