1. So even the people we vote in to keep an eye on them aren’t allowed to know how it’s being used/abused? What a stupid system…

  2. We have NSA style secrecy alive and kicking here now. This piece of horrible legislation and a right wing immigration policy are my two biggest problems with the ALP. It would have been perfect possible to craft a form of data retention and access legislation that was proportionate and protected the privacy of citizens ahead of law enforcement’s predilection for sifting through private information on a whim. Not only was that not done, it was actively fought by both major parties. That doesn’t give the LNP a free pass by any means, but it does demonstrate that Labor are not the party to be governing the country in an ideal world. It is terribly frustrating that it is a choice between certain corruption, economic and political vandalism, or a highly flawed and still dysfunctional alternative. I’ll take the 6 out of 10 choice over the negative 3 option, of course, but it does feel like the best out of a pair of very bad options sometimes.

  3. Or data breach disclosure from their donor cyber criminals they are opening it all up to. National security risk much. All it takes for some dumb nut to get malware too no doubt, typical escalated access.

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