Turnbull’s Department seeks replacement CIO


news The Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (PM&C) is looking for a new Chief Information Officer following the reported departure of Radi Kovacevic from the position.

According to iTnews, Kovacevic recently left for the Digital Transformation Office (DTO) after over 3.5 years in the role and is set to start his new post later this month.

To replace him, the PM&C is now advertising for a new CIO who will reports to the First Assistant Secretary, Corporate Services Division, and will be accountable for the delivery of the department’s strategic, operational and technical IT objectives, including compliance with whole-of-government IT security requirements.

As a key member of the Corporate Services Division leadership team, the CIO must also work to provide it with direction and leadership. The incoming CIO will further lead Information Services Branch (ISB) in providing IT and related security services for PM&C.

The ISB supports protected and unclassified operating environments for over 2200 staff in more than 100 locations across Australia, and provides a range of support services such as helpdesks, business applications, IT infrastructure, websites, and other more.

The ISB also manages a range of contracts with government and non-government service providers that support PM&C’s operating environments.

The CIO will also be expected to head the delivery of PM&C’s ICT Strategy 2014-17 and the adoption of new technology into the department, including the transition to cloud-based and shared services.

According to the government, the first 12 months’ priorities will include:

  • Providing vision, leadership and governance of the ICT strategy and architecture, ensuring alignment with whole-of government strategy and industry best practice.
  • Managing the provision of secure and stable ICT services to PM&C.
  • Identifying opportunities to innovate and transform ICT service delivery in PM&C and the Australian Public Service.
  • Developing, implementing and maintaining changes to best practices, staff and financial management strategies and frameworks.
  • Establishing and maintaining value-based stakeholder and strategic supplier relationships that meet requirements.
  • Engaging and influencing decision makers to align ICT investment with business objectives.

Kovacevic one of a number of senior staff members to join the DTO since its inception.

Image credit: Parliamentary Broadcasting


  1. Anyone with scientific or technical knowledge need not apply.

    Ex-politico staffers …. hey hey …. you’re up!

    No offence intended to you Renai, although come to think of it …… hang on a minute ……. you’d be like the SM version of an employee … smack Turnbull around on Delimiter while trying to make real changes ….

    Yeah OK … bad joke. Think I’m digging a hole for myself here.

  2. Is part of their 2014-17 strategy to fit out PM&C with copper? Then they may have some difficulty finding applicants because they are all working for NBN.

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