Australian Craig Steven Wright may be the creator of Bitcoin, and a billionaire


blog If you’ve been following the BitCoin universe for some time, you are probably aware that there is an enduring mystery in the industry. You see, nobody quite knows who actually created BitCoin. The platform was created in 2009 by a mysterious individual named ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’, based off a research paper he published in 2008. Since that time, sleuths globally have been attempting to determine who Nakamoto truly is. There have been various theories, but no conclusive proof presented of who Nakamoto is.

However, if Wired is to be believed, Nakamoto may have been unmasked overnight. The magazine has presented a great deal of evidence in this article that Nakamoto is actually Craig Steven Wright, an Australian cryptology expert living in ‘Eastern Australia’. The magazine reports (we recommend you click here for the full article):

“Wright’s blogging and leaked emails describe a man so committed to an unproven cryptocurrency idea that he mortgaged three properties and invested more than $1 million in computers, power, and connectivity—even going so far as to lay fiberoptic cables to his remote rural home in eastern Australia to mine the first bitcoins.”

If Wright is truly Nakamoto — and Wired has accumulated a great deal of evidence that he is — then it would be fascinating to see what the Australian wants to do next. He is massively independently wealthy, due to the huge Bitcoin stash that he owns as the creator of the technology, but also quite reclusive and focused on a specific area — cryptocurrencies.

I will be happy if Wright is confirmed to be Nakamoto — it would be a significant feather in the cap of Australian innovation. However, there is also something alluring about the idea of the creator of Bitcoin remaining anonymous. That would let the technology truly speak for itself.

Image credit: antanacoins, Creative Commons


  1. I still want it to be Nakomoto. “Craig Steven Wright” doesn’t have the Japanese cachet that makes great cyberpunk anime.

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