HostUs moves to IBM cloud in search of efficiency, cost savings


news Australian IT and telephony service provider HostUs is moving its entire IT environment to IBM Cloud – a shift that IBM says will enable the firm to scale its infrastructure within hours rather than months, without the need for upfront capital expenditure. 

The company will employ bare metal services from IBM Cloud’s infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) SoftLayer for its internal IT infrastructure and client workloads, which IBM claims will result in significant cost savings and improved business operations. Following the shift, HostUs will able to reduce its go-to-market times from weeks to hours, according to an IBM statement.

HostUs specialises in providing IT solutions, including cloud-based Windows desktops, domain/hosting services, virtual servers, telephony and email services to small and medium businesses. It operates two data centres.

The company had wanted to improve business efficiency by developing an IT infrastructure that can optimally manage workloads that vary frequently depending on client requirements.

“Although we had been virtualising our own infrastructure, we were not actively considering a move to cloud, as control, security, and transparency are critical to our business,” said Brendon Whiting, Managing Director at HostUs.

“However, when we came across IBM’s bare-metal offerings, we realised the true potential of cloud and how compelling this was for our business. We could easily move our business to an on-demand model, with built-in resilience, where we only use and pay for the IT capacity we need.”

IBM says its Cloud service allows HostUs to “ensure high quality and secured services, with the same level of granular visibility and control of its data centre resources”. The on-demand bare-metal cloud services, the firm adds, will ensure that HostUs sees “significant saving” from the associated cost and resources of managing an on-premise IT infrastructure.

“We are in the process of migrating all our clients’ workloads to IBM Cloud by the end of the year”, Whiting added.

Andrew Kupetz, IBM Cloud CTO, Australia and New Zealand commented: “The unique ability of IBM Cloud to give our clients access and control of infrastructure is resonating strongly with clients across Australia. It ensures that our clients like HostUs achieve a higher level of efficiency and business performance with reduced investments. We are excited to work with HostUs and ensure the company and its clients get improved services and business benefits.”

Image credit: Patrick, Creative Commons