Delimiter is giving away an Apple iPad mini 4!


Hi everyone,

hope you’re well and having a great week!

It’s been quite busy here at Delimiter Towers in Canberra … we have have had huge deals with Vodafone and TPG to examine, as well as Macquarie Uni’s decision to ditch Gmail. And of course, this morning’s NBN satellite launch has taken up a great deal of time ;)

Anyway, this is just a quick post to let you know that Delimiter is kicking off its first reader giveaway since our relaunch! These have always been popular with readers in the past, so we thought we’d do one as we start promoting our weekly newsletter again.

This time the prize will be one of Apple’s brand-spanking new iPad mini 4 models. The winner can choose the colour (silver, gold or ‘space grey’). It comes with 16GB of storage and it’s the Wi-Fi model. The Verge says about this little baby:

“The iPad mini 4 might recycle the same outward design as it predecessor, but otherwise it’s better in nearly every way. It has the best-looking screen Apple’s ever put on a small iPad, which alone is worth the step up from iPad mini 2 or 3. You’ll get faster performance, better Wi-Fi, and an improved camera, too … this is the best small tablet Apple has ever made.”

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After 1 November we’ll draw the winner’s name out of a hat, contact them via by email to get their address, and mail them their brand-spanking new iPad mini 4 (Terms and conditions here). And if you don’t like the newsletter, after the draw just unsubscribe — no worries! Happy reading ;)

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  1. How about bringing back the daily emails? My engagement with Delimiter dropped significantly when that was dropped (quite a while ago), probably driven by Outlook being my primary open app all day and the email out being of great convienience …

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