Australia misses out on 64Gb Galaxy Note 5, some colours


news Korean electronics giant Samsung today revealed it would start selling two new high-end smartphones, the Galaxy Note 5 and the Galaxy S6 edge+, in Australia in early September at comparable prices to those charged in the United States, but leaving the 64GB version of its Note 5 handset out of the local market.

The two smartphones represent high-level options for smartphone buyers, but are not Samsung’s most popular handset, with that crown going to the Galaxy S line, currently headlined by the Galaxy S6.

The Note 5 is Samsung’s new ‘phablet’ device, sitting midway between a smartphone and a tablet with a 5.7” screen at a resolution of 2560×1440 — giving it a pixel density of 518ppi. It has been redesigned to feature a similar metallic design as is found in the Galaxy S6, but loses removable battery and microSD card support. It comes with the same 8-core Samsung Exynos processor as the S6, and 4GB of RAM. Its rear camera is a 16 megapixel model, and it also comes with a 5 megapixel front camera. The Note 5’s S-pen included stylus has also been resigned.

The Galaxy S6 edge+ is a larger version of the 6 Edge which Samsung announced earlier this year. It still features the same rounded edges on its front display, but is a larger size, at the same 5.7” that the Note 5 is. It weighs a little less than the Note 5 (153g compared with 171g) but features very similar specifications otherwise — the same processor, 4Gb of RAM and so on. Both smartphones also support LTE Category 9 for the fastest possible mobile speeds and run version 5.1 (Lollipop) of Android.

Samsung held a launch event in Sydney today to announce Australian availability for the models.

In general the handsets will sell for similar prices as they do in the US —- the 32GB Note 5 will sell for a recommended retail price of $1,099, the 32Gb Galaxy S6 edge= will sell for $1,199 and the 64GB version for $1,299.

However, one model is not available in Australia for now — the 64GB version of the Note 5 — and some colours are not available. For example, the Note 5 will only sell locally in the black or gold colours — not its additional white colour and silver colours, and the S6 edge+ will only sell in black and white, not gold and silver.

Both the Galaxy S6 edge+ and the Note 5 will be available for pre-order from 4pm, Tuesday 18 August with an expected on-sale of Friday, 4 September.

“The Galaxy S6 edge+ and Note 5 combine power, performance and beautiful design that deliver an experience that is simply unrivalled compared to anything we have ever produced. From their polished glass design that sit comfortably in the hand, to amazing battery life and powerful processing capability, Australians will love the latest Galaxy smartphone experience,” said Prasad Gokhale, Vice President – IT & Mobile – Samsung Electronics Australia.

“We believe these devices represent the next generation of smartphones and a pivotal step for Samsung’s mobile industry. They are proof of Samsung’s continued commitment to developing the most advanced and high performance mobile devices possible.”

Pricey for what you get, but what you get is very good — these are top of the line models from Samsung, and they show it. I know some readers will be annoyed by the lack of a removable battery and microSD card support, but that is pretty much par for the course with today’s smartphones.

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  1. Samsung boasts how their phones takes amazing 4K video yet they don’t give their customers the option to easily store the footage and now takes away the larger storage option on their flagship phone from Australians. It’s like driving a Ferrari with a 1 litre fuel tank.

    • I would agree, but I kinda feel a lot of mobile TV watching is about streaming these days anyway — I suspect that increasingly, those who require huge amounts of storage on their phones are an edge case rather than the mainstream.

      • The OP said recording. Of course if we had 5G or 1Gbps wireless NBN then maybe 4K recording could be live recorded to the cloud. Otherwise, 32Gb (and you won’t get all of that) is a nonsensical amount of storage.

        I’m interested in this phone but only with 64Gb of storage space. Oh and in silver.

    • Why are Australians not given the option to purchase the note 5 64gb ? Any particular reason ? I’ve been waiting for the note 5 but now I may have to switch to Apple again. Very disappointed with Samsung now….! Don’t you want to increase your sales ? At this rate you are sure to lose many loyal Samsung users. I hope this is just an initial sales ploy to get rid of your note 5 32 gb phones !!

  2. Count me as one of those heathens that won’t buy a phone without a replaceable battery.

    Not having to charge the phone twice a day? Yeah, I’m never going back. Would rather a bigger phone than a smaller battery any day.

      • Much prefer being able to not have to worry about battery management, leave all my convenience features switched on, game, app etc and only charge every three days.

  3. Once again Australia misses out on options (we’ll wait and see though, as they tend to push a base product, then after several months increase options to stimulate the market again). It’s a great phone but due to color/size restrictions here i’ll make my decision after the Sony Xperia Z5 comes out.

  4. I’ve used Samsung Galaxy’s for many years now and LOVE the Note series, but with only 32GB available I feel Samsung are taking their customers for granted. IPhone, here I come!

  5. I was going to pre-order but was surprised and disappointed that the 64GB option is not available here. Hopefully, it won’t be too long before this option comes on the market in Australia. I don’t care about colours but will never buy the 32GB phone. While I am waiting, a better phone may come along, in which case it will be Samsung’s loss for not offering the full range from day one.

  6. My first phablet experience was when I got the Note 3 and I haven’t looked back since. Two of the key reasons I love it is the removable battery and the microSD card option.

    I was really looking forward to the launch of Note 5, but Samsung’s decision to give up the removable battery and microSD option is a such a massive disappointment. I’m sure the Note 5 64GB option will find its way to Oz in time, but without a removable battery and SD card I have lost all interest. Sure, many smartphones don’t have those features but FFS Samsung – you’ve already been offering it! Why take 1 step forward and 2 steps back?

    Might as well get a Note 4 instead. Such a shame.

  7. I was excited about note 5 but no way going for 32 gb without expandable memory. 16mp camera 4k video n application 32 is not enough at all. Now looking forward to z5 or similar one.

  8. Honestly, 32GB of memory is laughable and pathetic. To limit the 64GB version from the Australian market is outright nasty. Samsung has really let everyone down with this Note 5, the features really are pointless with 32GB of memory. If I were Australian I would be utterly bitter, they are forcing their market to buy out the stock models, while everyone else gets 64GB. Samsung a trusted and honest brand in Australia? I doubt it.

  9. Was looking at leaving Apple for a Note 5, but not for 32G. I shall not make the move just yet, might just stay with Apple, even though I have had enough of their product. Space is my thing.

  10. Ive used the note 3 for a couple of years now and loved it, not too worried about the battery but only 32GB and no SD case is a deal breaker for me. Figure i will go for the Apple 6S with 128GB now – will think about going back to samsung when they get this ridiculous memory limit sorted

  11. Waited a long time for the note 5. Disappointed to hear only 32Gb with no SD card slot. Looking at the comments you are loosing customers. A 64 Gb is available elsewhere but not Australia ??? Are you using Au to dump your experimental models ? It’s not working as you can see no one’s buying them. This will definitely give Apple a massive edge. Enjoy your loss at the back end of popularity.

  12. What, someone please enlighten me, is the reasoning behind Samsung’s move to not include the white and silver colours in Australia. The black and gold look hideous in my opinion. I was hoping to try Android for the first time but this garbage move by Samsung has left me with the decision to stick with iPhones.

  13. I’ve happily used a Samsung Galaxy Note (I & II) and looking to upgrade to a Note V as I like the way Samsungs operate. I’m disgusted at their decision to drop a removable battery and moreso the decision to remove expandable memory (crazy). I need to transfer my current memory on to the new device given some of us need to take and store images for work so the decision to not bring a 64Gb note 5 to Oz has me dumb founded. Hope Samsumg gets a wake up call and stops copying Apple. If I want an Iphone, I’ll buy one.

  14. please bring in the note 5 64g in Australia soon… I’m in need of a up grade but really don’t want to go back to apple

  15. I’ve pretty much given up on the note 5 coming out in more colours and the 64gb version here in australia, i’m ordering a 64gb Iphone S plus and an apple watch on tuesday, which is a shame as after 4 notes and all the watches they have lost me I’m afraid.

  16. I have had all the Notes (in white) and currently on Note 4. Was looking forward to the Note 5. I also have the Tab S tablet and Gear Fit so I am obviously a Samsung fan. I am so disappointed with the non removable battery and lack of SD card. I also want a silver phone for a change. The fact that I’m considering returning to Apple after being with Samsung since the Galaxy S2 is laughable. It’s like supporting the Collingwood Football Club all my life and then switching to the enemy, Carlton! Wake up Samsung. You are losing customers.

  17. I have been a Samsung fan for a little while having had a Galaxy S3 and now with a Galaxy S5. I was considering changing over to the new Galaxy Note 5 but on looking at the specs it comes up short in the memory and colour range.
    As other people here have said on this site, do you really think that us Australian’s are stupid enough to go out and buy these small capacity 32GB phones in large numbers, I think not Samsung.
    We do not like to have crap dumped on us, so I will be looking at my first iPhone which will be the 64GB or the 128GB iPhone 6s Plus in either Gold or Silver.
    Samsung you have lost yet another customer in Australia, that is really good business sense I am sure….NOT

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