Bronny Copter is here to save us from Bishop’s Choppergate


blog Tired of reading article after article about how Speaker of the House of Representatives Bronwyn Bishop should resign? Bored at work on a Thursday afternoon and need some diversion while the boss isn’t looking at your screen? Bronny Copter — an online game in the style of Flappy Bird from Melbourne developer Ricky Sullivan — is here to save you. From the looks of it, the game is already destroying productivity in the Canberra Press Gallery:

Now don’t let anyone ever say that Australia’s tech sector doesn’t have solutions to political problems — we’ve got it 100 percent under control. We need one of these for every issue that comes up in the Federal Parliament. And now, for my next move today, I am planning to filter this URL at the router level so that I can force myself to actually get back to work.

Image credit: Screenshot of Bronny Copter