Gasp … Qld will fuel electric vehicle charging stations with solar


blog It seems like it was only yesterday that a rebel Queensland resident was committing the heinous sin of charging his Tesla Model S electric vehicle (EV) using a windfarm up north. Well, today’s news is even more shocking — the Queensland Government itself has announced it plans to start deploying new EV fast-charging stations around the state, powered by solar energy. That’s right. Blasphemous. How dare they! From the Qld Government’s media release:

Minister Assisting the Premier on North Queensland Coralee O’Rourke said the forward-thinking initiative was part of the Palaszczuk Government’s commitment to support emerging and innovative industries.

“This is a really exciting initiative for Townsville – and could pave the way for a new era in Australia’s motoring history,” Mrs O’Rourke said. “Through Economic Development Queensland and supported by Ergon Energy, we are seeking expressions of interest to build a service station at Oonoonba that has both traditional and alternative forms of energy.”

“Oonoonba is less than 3 kilometres from the Bruce Highway and the Townsville CBD, so is well positioned to cater for local motorists as well as those travelling along the highway.”

“Our vision is for this to be the start of an ‘electric super highway’ by facilitating fast-charging service locations for drivers travelling up and down the length of Queensland … Up to two electric vehicles could charge at the same time, with an expected average charge time of 15-30 minutes.”

O’Rourke went on to state that petrol stations around Australia must accommodate technological change if they are to remain viable — a shocking concept for those Australians who appear to be wedded to the existing fossil fuel economy. For myself, I am looking forward to driving my Tesla Model 3 around Australia.

The news announced today by the Queensland Government is only the latest such initiative, by the way. Reneweconomy notes that an ‘electric superhighway’ is already being deployed around the state. Western Australia has its own thing going as well, and of course Tesla itself is now deploying superchargers in locations around Australia. We’ve come a long way since Simon Hackett drove his Tesla Roadster from Darwin to Adelaide back in 2010.

Image credit: Tesla


  1. I know this comment is not so ‘Technology Focused’:

    All well and good the charging station – if they were truly interested in ‘new era in Australia’s motoring’ they would fix the Bruce Highway from the Sunny Coast up to Townsville and beyond.

    It is the most dangerous major road in Australia and Ranks in the Top 25 most dangerous Roads in the World.

    Not picking on any particular government – all State / Federal Governments to blame – disgraceful.

    • Hendo, I guess you haven’t been on the Bruce north of the Sunny Coast for a while. There is currently something like 100km+ of active roadwork to duplicate/widen between Cooroy (last part of the dual carriageway) and Bundy.

      And building highways is not exactly a “new era in Australia’s motoring”.
      Highways are expensive; we need to think about better ways to shift stuff, or reduce the need to shift it, including people.

      Automated self-driving trucks that are only allowed on the highway from 9pm to 5am; now that would be a “new era in Australia’s motoring”

      • Agreed that is a start – but there is still the 1300+ KMs from Gin Gin to Cairns – the real rubbish bit. Next drive up north for me will be at xmas time. I’d forgotten about those works – have flown the last few times …

      • “Highways are expensive; we need to think about better ways to shift stuff, or reduce the need to shift it, including people.”

        I’ve always thought it interesting that governments are just only too happy to pour hundreds of billions of dollars into roads, while completely neglecting those things that would reduce the need for that expenditure. Telecommunications and rail have been the bleeding obvious for many years, but now the list is growing – hyperloops, ET3, flights that go above the atmosphere.

        But carry on with expenditure as usual.

        Electric charging stations are a good start and I am surprised that a few are actually being built. Weren’t they just mythical things that we were only to dream of while watching Beyond 2000 in the 80s and 90s?

        Heaven forbid that we would actually come to our senses and build some!

  2. I will probably buy an EV next time around when the Golf dies, and in-home 3ph power too. Fuel is just too inexpensive to justify the $80k upfront on a Tesla right now, plus the charging options are limited.

    I welcome this move to put super chargers along the Bruce and on the Pacific Hwy to NSW. We should, as a nation, have the M1 lined with one of these things every 150km. It’s not a tall order and would make a very big difference to EV suitability

  3. While any new charging stations would be welcome – it seems a little “cart before the horse” to be putting a charging station so far away from the major population of the state. Telsa don’t have charging stations in Brisbane (only Sydney & Melbourne) and there aren’t fixed timelines on getting these.

    While I accept that regional areas shouldn’t be left behind, it would seem crazy that major metropolitan areas aren’t serviced first? Brisbane to Gold Coast = tens of thousands per day.

    Oh, and Dan, you need to check your numbers. Unfortunately, with our government offering $0 incenitves for EV (not even cheaper rego) plus slugging you for luxury car tax, the current Tesla pricing starts at $95K and go up to $180K for the fast one. :(

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