Oops … Tesla enthusiast charges car on Qld windfarm


blog If there is one thing that isn’t popular in Australian politics that isn’t too popular right now, it’s wind farms. These giant electricity-generating wonder machines represent some of the best clean energy around, but a number of MPs and Senators still suspect they can create negative health impacts. So we suspect the news that Australian Tesla enthusiasts have started charging their high-end electric vehicles from wind energy won’t go down too well in some Canberra circles. The Cairns Post reports (we recommend you click here for the full article):

“Bribie Island resident Marc Talloen stopped by Ravenshoe’s Windy Hill to recharge his Tesla S85 on Friday, to promote renewable energy uptake … He said he was eager to always recharge at alternative energy providers, such as Ratch Australia’s Windy Hill wind farm, because it helped demonstrate the power and ease of renewable energy.”

You can find more about Talloen’s somewhat epic journey here on Reneweconomy. This truly does represent the future. You can imagine banks of Tesla high-speed charging stations positioned all around Australia, fed by wind farms a few kilometres away in unused bushland off the side of the road, perhaps with a few McDonald’s and KFC restaurants next to them. Truly, this will be an amazing way to drive around this country of ours. Now if only I could afford a Tesla Model S …

Image credit: Tesla


  1. Clean electricity charging a clean car? We can’t have that sort of thing going on, think of the children! (Who might then have the opportunity to grow up without continually breathing in a toxic fog of combustion products, and may also as a result still have a beach and great barrier reef to visit in 50 years…)

    Side note: you’ve got ‘Telsa’ in there a couple of times… ;-)

  2. That vehicle and the windfarm that produced the energy are an absolute eyesore.
    Give me a smokestack and a diesel belching V8 any day

  3. And also Renai, just wait for the Model 3 like the rest of us.

    It’s probably worth mentioning that Tesla don’t charge an ‘Australia Tax’ and have a stated policy of charging the same price (with tax and conversions rates transparently disclosed) globally.

    They’re a radical company in more ways than one.

  4. Welcome back Renai
    I wasn’t aware you were back, my bad.
    However I look forward to the articles and commentary
    I have been more focussed on Climate, Pretty much given up on Australia’s economic future with the damage that has been done, now more focussed on our long term economic survival
    p.s you have a “brother from another mother”

    A very worthwhile site and as with your sites the comments and links provided are of great value.

    Regards AA

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