Internet nasties lock out Aussies’ Apple devices


blog Own an Apple device, use the vendor’s iCloud online synching service but haven’t been able to get access to one or more of your devices this week? Congratulations: You’ve fallen prey to what are probably a bunch of Internet script kiddies attempting to ransom your data for a hefty fee. ZDNet has a solid local story on the phenomenon, which so far (weirdly) appears localised to Australia. The site writes (we recommend you click here for the full article):

“Apple customers are finding that their phones, tablets, and even desktops and laptops, are showing a message originating in Apple’s find my device service that states “Device hacked by Oleg Pliss” and the user send US$100 to unlock the device.”

To my mind this situation does much to illustrate the fact that even companies as large and as powerful as Apple can’t completely guarantee their users’ security, especially when integrated systems such as iCloud come into play. We live in age where IT security is very difficult to ensure, and every individual needs to attempt to put security controls around their infrastructure. Just a sad fact of life on Earth in 2014. Your data is not secure.

Image credit: 惟①刻¾, Creative Commons


  1. anything is not secure these days, even large companies like Google or Microsoft and also Apple are still vulnerable to hacking what we must do is secure our data on our own ways.

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