Introducing Australia’s (eventual) game classification system



blog Those of you with a long memory will recall that Australia’s video game classification systems hasn’t precisely always been without controversy. The historical lack of a R18+ rating system (which other categories such as film and TV possessed) meant that quite a few titles were heavily classified or even outright banned in Australia, while the introduction of such a system hasn’t completely resolved things (see the South Park episode this year). Well, in what looks like a good move on the surface, Australia appears set to join a new international system for video game classification. James Pinnell has a detailed piece on the new system at the iiBorg gaming website A sample paragraph (we recommend you click here for the rest):

“The front runner to take charge of this new world solution is a system known as IARC, or the “International Age Rating Coalition”; essentially, a group of national classification boards across the world that have agreed to allow a once-only, entirely free, enforceable ratings certificate that provides classification in all supported territories. Currently, this network includes the US, Canada, UK, Brazil, The Middle East, most of the EU and Germany; and in time, us as well.”

Although the IARC hasn’t yet taken effect in Australia, recent moves by the Abbott Government in this area appear to have opened the door for eventual participation, which means digitally downloaded games in Australia might have a better chance of being classified according to guidelines which represent international consensus, and hopefully common sense. That can only be a good thing for all concerned.

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  1. As long as the system isn’t dragged down to the lowest common denominator (like a ban from Germany due to a Nazi symbol in a game for instance), it could we’ll be a good thing!

  2. The tyranny of consensus again. If you cant get people agree, bully them until they do; its the post-socialist way!

    How do we reconcile western and non-western values here, Middle East I’m looking at you. Do all females in video games need to be burka clad?

    Sounds like a good idea in theory as long as modern western values are expressed and not primitive sky fairy nonsense (USA I am looking at you too).

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