Victorian tries to fly drugs into prison with drone



blog Australia’s law enforcement and defence agencies have for some time now been demonstrating their interest in using remotely controlled drones to tackle crime. The military already uses them, South Australia’s police force went to market for a whole bunch last November, and Queensland Police is also keen on the technology. But what the law may not have quite anticipated is the degree to which criminals are also interested in using drones for their own, not quite as legal purposes. Victoria Police tells us in a media release issued on Monday this week:

“Police have arrested a man following an alleged incident where a drone was hovering in the vicinity of a prison in Ravenhall yesterday afternoon. A man and a woman were located in a car on Middle Road around 4.30pm with what was believed to be a drone with four engines and a small quantity of drugs. The 28-year-old Lalor man was charged with possess a drug of dependence and attempt to commit an indictable offence. He has been bailed to appear at Melbourne Magistrates’ Court on 17 March, 2014.”

Obviously, trying to supply illicit drugs to prisoners is probably not something which most Australians would approve of, and we’re glad to see that the boys in blue have cracked down on this individual. However, we do have to say we appreciate the enterprising nature of the attempt, and we’re sure we’ll see more such examples of this kind of drone enthusiasm from Australia’s criminal underground. Drones, it turns out, are likely to be used by everyone — and not just for legitimate purposes. But then, that’s always the case with new technology.


  1. Criminals are the least of our problems, when you see such videos as this.

    One has to also wonder how the Americans are dealing with keeping the drugs out at borders when you can fly one of these for kilometres with any sort of payload.

      • Which part of it?

        The overzealous hollywood style explosions?

        Or the gun mounted to a drone?

        • Hollywood style explosions – just a ‘good show’ so to speak
          Gun mounted to a drone – I’d believe that people have probably tried that

          Things which are extremely fake, the drone design looks good, but method of control and precision of control, highly unlikely. Also recoil of the gun on the drone.

  2. “what was believed to be a drone with four engines”

    Or they could describe it as a “quadcopter” for short.

  3. A much better use of this technology would be to try to fly some intelligent thinking into Canberra!
    But then you could imagine The Rabbott’s immediate reaction. A three word slogan and associated COALition policy………….”Stop The Drones”.

  4. I think these que jumping drug smugglers should wait their turn and use the proper procedures for getting drugs into prisons like everybody else…………..get a job in corrective services.
    Que jumpers are a dangerous threat to Australian society.
    The drones should be sent back to where they came from by single use carrier pigeon at taxpayers expense.

    “Stop The Drones”!

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