Wanted: Delimiter 2.0 columnists


hi everyone,

I just wanted to make a brief post noting that I’ve spent some time this morning looking at the financials and other performance details for Delimiter 2.0, and what seems clear at this point is that the site’s subscription model is viable and that there is quite a bit of scope for investment and expansion if I can find the right writers.

With this in mind, I wanted to alert people that I am currently seeking to pay regular columnists for Delimiter 2.0. You’ll need to be able to write opinion/analysis pieces of a minimum of 1,500 words, on hot topics in Australia’s technology scene. You’ll need to use references to argue your case and have a broad understanding of the current dynamics of the industry.

I’ve approached a couple of likely suspects already, but I wanted to note that I am open to being approached as well. Freelance technology journalists, commentators from other fields who want to diversify, and even those in full-time employment who might want to moonlight a little; if you think you’ve got the chops to be a regular columnist on Delimiter 2.0, drop me a line at renai@delimiter.com.au, and we can discuss editorial and financial details.

Above all, entertain me. Australia’s technology media is gradually becoming stultified. I want articles that make me think, make me laugh and make me question things. If you can do that, then I’m interested in talking to you.

Kind regards,

Renai LeMay
Editor + Publisher, Delimiter


  1. Would love to try and expand my writing but too busy for it at the moment. Great to see more opportunities like this cropping up.

  2. If Delimiter gets any bigger I’ll have to make a new niche Australian Technology Blog.

    But I will call it Limited, featuring only articles approved by Malcolm. Focusing on Australia’s current technological needs, with in depth statics on how we can save tiny amounts in retrospect to the current budgets and position ourselves as the leading country that can make do. All content will be pay walled, including our Privacy Policy which we cannot find a copy of at the moment.

    I jest, look forward to seeing more columnists. The articles seemed to have picked up now the Christmas is over and I’m enjoying seeing more non NBN related articles for a change of pace.

    Keep up the good work.

  3. >> “references to argue your case”

    What??? Renai…Renai…Renai… *shakes head in wonder*

    You poor deluded soul…. you’ll never be a Main Stream News organisation with that sort of attitude to truth, facts, and logic….


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