New Nexus 7 launches in Australia


blog Been wondering when the new version of Google’s stellar Nexus 7 tablet will hit Australia? Well, the rumours turned out to be true — the device was said to be launching in Australia in September, and Google has confirmed this morning that it landed this week in major Australian retailers including JB HiFi, Harvey Norman and Dick Smith. The 16GB model will go for $299, while the 32GB model will go for $399 — both Wi-Fi only (no 3G or 4G). This is great news, even if the tablet is a little on the pricy side. Online retailer Kogan has it for a little cheaper, especially if you want the 32GB model. So just how good is the new Nexus 7? We haven’t had a chance to play with it just yet, but our preview stated:

“Google got itself easily to second base with the initial launch of the Nexus 7 last year, and it looks as though its upgraded model will take it all the way with a home run. With new cameras, one of the best tablet screens on the market, better speakers, and a thinner and lighter build, this is one tablet which looks to be a sensational buy. And to boot, we expect the upgraded model’s pricing to start at less than $300 in the Australian market, just like the old one.

If you’re an Android tablet fan and you like the seven inch form factor, this is very likely going to be an instant purchase for you. Start thinking about selling your old model and upgrading. If you have an existing iPad model, and it’s not a recent one, you may also want to think about upgrading, or at least keeping the new Nexus 7 on your list until we find out what Apple has planned for later this year. Android is getting very good, and the Nexus line is also very good. Right now, we’re putting the Nexus line in general at least on par with Apple’s iPads for most uses.

It’s hard to say definitely right now, without a review unit, but on paper the new Nexus 7 is looking like a winner.”

In addition, you may want to check out our review of the previous Nexus 7, which quite a few readers bought. Of course, with new iPads likely to be on the horizon shortly, if you’ve got a schizophrenic mobile personality and frequently switch between Android and iOS, as your writer does, then you may want to find out what Apple has coming up before making a purchasing decision. In general, though, it’s all good — new hotness from two of the world’s best tablet companies. What more could you want? We should have our new Nexus 7 review up next week.

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  1. I think you’ll find the 32gb Wifi model is $339, not $399. In stock at pccg too, mines already in the post :-)

  2. I’m tempted too, but there is nothing amazing in the new one over my current one. Higher screen res and better/more cameras hmmm. My advice to Google/Asus for the next Nexus, and indeed all mobile device makers, is stop making them thinner and lighter. They are already lighter than a paperback book. Instead, replace the weight saved with a bigger battery. My Nexus 7 is out of juice every evening, I’d be interested in one that had an easy 2 day full use battery.

    Oh and wireless charging.

  3. The only feature I still want is more local storage. I wanted a faster version of the Nexus 7 (like the Nexus 10) without sacrificing battery life and I think this version has gained the added speed. I know google is not going to include replaceable storage, ie micro SD slot, so all I want now is a 64GB configuration for an extra $50.

    Hint to google, if the fat32 file format is a problem then use another format that is suitable!!! It runs a linux kernel so why not use one of the linux formats. If Windows users want to access the SD card then provide software to do that.

  4. Just a quick comment to say that it is $20 cheaper on Kogan but shipping is $22.99 so actually $3 more.

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