WA Govt puts one foot in the cloud



blog We’re gradually seeing government departments and agencies around Australia deploy bits and pieces from the huge kit-bag collectively known as cloud computing. It’s been a slow journey, but it’s getting there. News of new steps in the Western Australian Government comes this week from iTNews, which reports on several small cloud-based projects which have recently taken place (we recommend you click here for the full article):

“Tourism WA and the Small Business Development Corporation (SBDC) have teamed up to implement simultaneous instances of TechnologyOne’s ‘OneGovernment’ ERP solution in their respective organisations, with both systems going live late in May 2013.”

It’s encouraging to see these programs of work go ahead and the WA Government start to be innovative again. I anticipate that the state’s decision to step back from its failed whole of government IT shared services plan in mid-2011 would have had something of a freezing effect upon Western Australia’s IT project plans moving forward, and that it would have taken a while for quite a few departments and agencies to work out what their next steps were to deal with the upgrade of their corporate IT platforms (ERP, finance, CRM, etc) in the wake of the collapse of the whole of government IT shared services program. It’s good to see things kicking off again in WA, and even better seeing SaaS pilots going ahead. This indicates useful progress in an area which has been plagued with decade-long problems. I look forward to seeing what’s next.