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hi everyone,

hope you’re well!

Just wanted to make a brief announcement. Over the next two days (today and Thursday), Delimiter will be on a publishing hiatus, while we work on a substantial other project behind the scenes. If really important news breaks, then we will cover it, but for this two day period most of our energies will be going towards a separate project. This is also why our coverage has been a little more sparse and shallow than we’re used to, over the past several weeks. I apologise for this.

The details are all hush-hush for now, but we plan to launch this project next week, so we’re in the last throes of getting it settled. I can share with that its title is Delimiter 2.0, and its tagline is: Still just Australia. Still just technology. So it would seem obvious that we’re not venturing too far afield ;)

In the meantime, I encourage you to visit alternative tech media outlets for your news. My favourites are Whirlpool, iTNews, Ausdroid and The Verge. Thanks for your patience, and we look forward to returning you to your regularly scheduled Delimiter programming!


Renai LeMay
Editor + Publisher
Delimiter + Delimiter 2.0


    • Web 2.0 is too radical and cutting edge! Anyway everybody knows 100% Flash built websites are where the future is at ;)

      • 100% flash would be perfect. I can some productivity gains for myself with a 100% flash based web site.

  1. My only ‘wish’ is for comments on mobile pages to be limited to 100 per page – 400+ comment articles makes Trev’s phone cry :'(

    • The desktop version works better on my phone than the “mobile” version. I am using the best non-4G phone available! So I don’t think it’s the phone.

    • I’ve always been suss on that guy… he has a serious hard on for Turnbull and that’s *just not right*

  2. Oooh interesting, but you know people don’t like change! :)
    Good luck with the “hush-hush” business.

  3. Should take the chance to move from bloated wordpress to Jekyll

    Save a heap on hosting and improve reliability for next time you end up on the front page of reddit :D

  4. …Delimiter will now be delivered via a cabinet on the side of the road… not more than 800m from your premises… /wink

  5. You will be able to read a limited number of articles per a week for free after that you will need a paid subscription. Selected premium articles will be subscriber only.

  6. The important question though, can it be done in a way that’s faster and more affordable by reusing portions of Delimiter 1.0???

    • Delimiter 2.0 is already being plagued by transparency issues and numerous set backs. It’s looking like a white elephant to me. I call for a complete halt to Delimiter 2.0 until each reader has had a chance to perform their own rigorous cost benefit analysis.

      • Mate I think there needs to be FOI request to ascertain the particulars. The editor is HIDING the truth, where’s the oversight here?

        I shall have to write to my local member, at once. At once!

      • I think its time to bring in some 457 visa techs and speed up the progress of the roll out of Delimiter2

        It will be by far faster and cheaper that way :P

        PS are you taking on Whingepool with Delimiter2? and removing comments from your articles and moving the forum across

  7. “Over the next two days (today and Thursday)”

    Just a reminder, it’s Friday, and I have my coffee in hand. Just saying :)

  8. I didn’t get an email when I signed up for D2, should I have gotten an acknowledgement email or something??

  9. Its Monday….. Just thought I would point that out… no reason.. no reason at all…

    *cough* *cough*

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