Kogan loses licence in high-speed police chase



blog We know we’ve pinned Ruslan Kogan for a certain degree of … arrogance, previously, but we really didn’t expect the maverick online retail and consumer electronics guru to go quite this far in proving our point. According to the Sydney Morning Herald (we recommend you click here for the full article), Kogan has lost his licence for six months after speeding around Melbourne’s Albert Park Lake. The SMH reports:

“Prosecutor Senior Constable Stuart Pontil said on Wednesday police tried to catch up with Kogan who continued driving at high speed around the Albert Park Lake.”

Honestly, Ruslan. It’s definitely a fact that you’ve driven a large amount of innovation in Australia’s online retail space, and we personally know of quite a few people who love your cut-rate electronics, particularly your TVs, DVD players and so on. Plus, we’re big fans of the way you keep on sticking it to that dinosaur Gerry Harvey. But perhaps it might be good to pull your head in just a little bit? I mean … you’re not Batman ;)

Image credit: Kogan Technologies


  1. If he was personally delivering my last oerder I would have paid his penalty, but it was in the wrong state….

  2. Meh he’ll just pay a driver or move overseas while it’s in force. I know someone who moved to the US for a year for the same reason – it was too long to go without driving his collection of hypercars. People like this may be twats but that’s what you get from young men in their 20’s who are millionaires – they still believe they are invincible but have a lot more money to fuel their ego carnival.

  3. What a great story, tall poppy syndrome meets Australian wowserism at its worst. And the SMH/Age wonder why they’re failing. Entertainment/Gossip presented as news.
    Not real understanding of risk (practically none) but a good opportunity to point at and deride someone successful.

    And now back to some real IT news hopefully.

    • Well put Stephen. A voice of reason amongst a pack of wankers ready to put down anybody that dares to have a go and is in anyway successful.

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