It’s not just HP: Boral picked Oracle too



blog If you believed the extensive media release issued by global technology giant HP in March this year, it’s the sole driving force behind the extensive IT outsourcing and transformation plan at diversified materials company Boral. HP’s deploying its own bladeservers, storage, backupe systems, networking switches and routers, and even its PCs and laptops. However, as is the norm in the larger IT departments, the truth is that Boral’s IT environment is a great deal more heterogenuous than HP would like us to believe. Late last month Oracle issued its own media release with respect to Boral. A quote from Boral:

“We were attracted to Oracle Engineered Systems because of the way in which they combine servers, storage and software all pre-engineered to work together, and the resulting performance, scalability and flexibility they offer. This meant we had much lower capital set-up costs against comparable traditional infrastructure, with up to 20 per cent saving on software licenses. Our use of Oracle Cloud Management Services also means we have a single platform managed by a single company. This has helped us regain control over our IT maintenance cycles, in particular around patching,” said Robert Lutz, IT Project Office Manager, Boral.

Oracle is apparently deploying/has deployed its own laundry list of systems to Boral, ranging from its Exadata Database Machine, its Real Application Clusters and its Exalogic Elastic Cloud, to its Managed Cloud Services and an upgrade of its E-Business Suite. What this pair of media releases therefore tells us is that even when an organisation appears to be deploying a whole environment from one vendor (such as Boral appeared to be doing with HP), that there is usually plenty of room for other solutions in there as well, especially in best of breed point solutions. The other thing it tells us is not to believe everything you read in media releases — because they never represent the whole truth ;)

Image credit: Oracle, Creative Commons