Delimiter named among Australia’s five best business blogs



blog Hide the food wrappers under your desk, sit up straight in your chair, and triple-check the spelling on your posts as you wander through Delimiter‘s textual riches: according to the Australian Writers’ Centre (AWC), you are currently reading one of Australia’s best blogs.

This isn’t just empty braggadocio: Delimiter has been named as one of five finalists in the AWC’s Best Australian Blogs 2013 Competition, which recognises excellence in Australian blogging and brings together entrants in categories including commentary, lifestyle/hobby, personal and parenting, business, and words and writing.

I note with amusement that the image accompanying the blog was clearly taken during my week-and-a-bit helming Delimiter, although I rather suspect that our collective mutual friend, Renai LeMay, might also have had just a little bit to do with the honour :-).

As, most certainly, do you, dear readers: I don’t think I’m stating it wrong when I say that we all come to Delimiter for the amazing coverage, and stay for the amazing community.

Before you scoff: securing a berth as a finalist is no small achievement: 1122 different blogs were nominated for the competition, and Delimiter is one of just 25 finalists.

Other finalists in the Business category include Mark Kelly’s ‘Agent Mark Kelly‘, Paul Wallbank’s ‘Decoding the New Economy‘, Suzi Dafnis’ ‘herBusiness‘, and Trevor Young’s ‘PR Warrior‘.

Winners will be announced next Wednesday, 1 May. Voting for the companion People’s Choice Award remains open through Tuesday, 30 April.

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  1. Congratulations!

    Now you can get rich, fat and complacent…

    Because blogging is a path to fabulous wealth, right?

    Keep up the good work.

    • Of course he’s a Zealot. Anyone that disagrees with Turnbull, no matter how wrong he is, is the spawn of Satan. You wouldn’t think such a huge ego could be so easily bruised.

  2. Congratulations Renai, well deserved.

    Also Kudos to the contributors who make the blog a good read

    Well Done

  3. Wow! Great news. Congratulations Renai and good luck. Delimiter is more than worthy of winning the top business blog, and even if it doesn’t, just being among the top 5 is excellent work.

  4. Congratulations you guys. Nice to be in your company as a business category finalist.
    Best wishes, Suzi and the Australian Businesswomen’s Network team.

    • Likewise Suzi, and thanks for dropping by.

      It’s great to see all the finalists recognised for what universally requires – and demonstrates – considerable hard work and great love for the endeavour.

      Best of luck!

  5. New subscriber to delimiter but very impressed by the detail in the content (Intending to keep the subscription active of course, one of my welcome emails each time).

  6. Oh god I was just being snarky to someone else on another post, trust me to bring the level of commentary down!

    Grats Renai/Delimiter!

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