TechOne saves 20-30 percent in Gmail switch



blog Local software vendor Technology One has always been a bit of an unusual organisation. It’s headquartered in Queensland, it hasn’t sold out to multinational interests despite having a fairly complete range of corporate IT apps, and its founder Adrian DiMarco has always been outspoken about promoting the interests of the Australian IT industry. Now, according to CRN (we recommend you click here for the full article), the vendor has joined another club: Those companies who have gone Google. CRN reports:

“Executive chairman Adrian DiMarco said stage one of the [company’s ongoing transition into the cloud] was establishing Gmail as the company‚Äôs email platform last year, a decision he claimed reaped cost savings of between 20 and 30 percent.”

Your writer has been using Gmail for the best part of a decade now, and while I’m aware that many don’t enjoy its web-based interface, I can’t help but feel that for most email users, it’s a better, simpler solution than the complexity of the Microsoft Outlook/Exchange platform represents — even with Microsoft’s new cloud-based email paradigms. For many users and organisations, obviously, with more complex needs, Microsoft’s solution will remain the more appropriate. Of course … it would be nice if Google had continued to develop Gmail over the past decade instead of leaving it to languish completely (this might have boosted the vendor’s market share in enterprise IT), but that’s just how things go sometimes ;)

Image credit: Robert Scoble, Creative Commons


  1. I deal with Tech1 regularly, its a royal pain so im not surprised they don’t want to deal with “databases, technology and complexity”. argh….

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