Regulator forces ANZ off


blog Just when you thought Australia’s banks and the banking ecosystem in general were making some headway in their acceptance of cloud computing technologies, international regulators throw a spanner in the works. iTNews reports today (we recommend you click through for access to the full article) that the Monetary Authority of Singapore has forced the hand of ANZ Bank when it comes to cloud computing:

“ANZ will move certain businesses off a Salesforce customer relationship management (CRM) system under a group-wide cloud computing policy established late last year.”

It’s this kind of regulatory policy which cloud computing players like Amazon, and Google will be fighting for the next decade as they continue to push into the financial services and public sectors, which are notoriously anti-public cloud. One can’t help but wonder what Bank of Queensland’s view on this situation would be, given it just last month revealed it’s deploying

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  1. It’s difficult to make sure data held in off-shore databases is covered adequately by the foreign laws of where that data is held, and the public sector has a duty of care when it comes to things like privacy and security.

    i think the cloud companies should have looked at initially starting up national level clouds to get people and laws used to the idea, before jumping in “balls and all” with forcing companies/education/medical/etc to deal with things like “How does the Patriot Act effect our data being held in the US cloud?”.

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