Red underpants? Yes, Minister, says Hackett


oh dear It looks as if Internode founder Simon Hackett has taken Communications Minister Stephen Conroy’s infamous “red underpants” comments a little seriously, if this photo from CommsDay’s Melbourne Congress this morning is any indication. Can we expect Internode parent iiNet to be bidding for wireless spectrum then? ;)

Image credit: John Lindsay (used with permission)


  1. Haha. That’s awesome :D

    And more importantly, that would be quite interesting if iINet joined the bidding for spectrum i reckon..

  2. Well, he looks a little more interesting like that….

    On the other note, I can definitely see iinet considering Spectrum bidding….although I’m not sure what good it would do them however….

  3. It was funny reading the SMH article about Conroys comments.
    And EFA’s quotes are hilarious.

    OT: Renai, have you considered listing where a URL will go with in-line references?
    An example might be:

    When replying to some comments by some dude about some thing [] that is interesting for some people…

    … more I think about it more lazy I am (I could just hover…)

  4. Bit late. Underpants on the head would have got him a free Boost Juice on the 24 September! :)

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