Unhappy dragon: Westpac IBM outsourcing
spreads to St George


blog The Sydney Morning Herald has reported that up to 200 technology jobs at Westpac subsidiary St George may be outsourced to IBM. The newspaper reports (we recommend you click through to read the whole article):

“Staff were informed that management had formed the view that the current in-house IT operation at St George no longer fit Westpac’s service delivery model,” said one St George IT staff member who asked not to be named.

Yup. Postponing major IT projects, offshoring jobs within its main operation and now radically changing the successful IT service delivery model at a subsidiary, with its visionary chief information officer stepping down and its major technical lead quitting. It certainly feels like Westpac is shifting into full IT cost-cutting mode. It’s a pity. Perhaps the only person who will be enjoying this is CommBank’s Michael Harte. The CBA’s technology-driven lead is beginning to look unassailable.

Image credit: Newtown graffiti, Creative Commons


  1. I hope, but know otherwise, that they don’t screw with the online banking services. I use them all the time and it works perfectly.

  2. What ever happened to if it ain’t broke don’t fix it ?
    Gail Kelly has the hooks in big time and the dragon will lose what little puff remains.
    Close to 600 IT jobs in application areas already going to India and now they are pushing IT infrastructure staff into IBM without any choice.
    Nothing to say that IBM won’t offshore technology jobs as they can do this internally.
    Very big shame as St George had a great small business feel despite it being a large organisation and always got the job done and done properly.
    Now St George is just another section in the Westpac bureacracy and IT professionals are treated as blue collar. St George IT flexibility will be lost as IBM is all about control and avoiding change.
    Where is the independence in rates since Westpac took them over ?
    St George used to announce ahead of the pack and always under cut the big four.
    Now St George rates are announced after Westpac and they are no longer as competitive as even NAB.

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