Fixed-line broadband competition in Australia


It gets more depressing every day …

Background image is a screenshot of Whirlpool’s forums


  1. is this really all that bad?
    There is less of a monopoly and more of a tidy consolidation.
    We’ll have fewer dodgy telco’s and a bit more professionalism.

    at least i hope that’s what’ll happen *looking at you dodo*

    • No, it wouldn’t be so bad if we didn’t know how this played out already (looking at you Banks).

      Like my small financial institution, I’ll stay will my small Victorian ISP.

  2. Adam only targets SA therefore I would say they are a major player considering they hold a large customer base for the area they want cover (they dont service nationally by choice). Just because you are national doesn’t mean it automatically makes you more profitable. Many could argue the opposite look at internode.

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