NodePony versus T-Pony: Fight!


blog You may remember Internode’s September 2010 release of a cute plush toy which it named the ‘NodePony’. I am sure the NodePony has found its way into many geeks’ hearts by this point. But what emerged this week was that NodePony apparently has a rival. Yes. Let us tremble with fear and loathing at the birth of what can only be a dark side rival … the T-Pony. Yes. It has arrived.

And the original:

It appears that Telstra has denied it is responsible for the creation of the T-Pony. We can only speculate from what dark hell-hole in the corners of the earth this monster has arisen.

Image credit: Unsure, and Internode


  1. note the beaming love and adoration being showered on T-Pony, whilst the NodePony is sheltering alone, completely unloved.

  2. T-Pony, brings the T-Pain.

    It is just a little fake. Someone having some fun. :)

    I’d tend to think something as innocent as a plush pony wouldn’t be Telstra’s style, though. Perhaps a Borg cube. Wait, no, that’s the T-Box.

  3. looking more closely at those photos….. it looks more like “Node-Pony versus T-Stallion: Fight!”… and we know what the outcome of that will be… ;)

  4. The thread has a photo that is a fake, it was home made and isn’t news. It turns out it was an incorrect assumption by the OP. Back down please

  5. Remember the Internode send-up Kombi billboards, which has ultimately led to the ongoing bad blood between Telstra and Internode. Perhaps if the two above (the grey and white ones) could come-up with some offspring that (hopefully) might heal the ongoing rift between the grandfathered parties.

  6. note the edit link on WP great story not
    Delimiter: You can backdown on the article, it was a false alarm.

  7. Does the fact that the T-Pony is being held with a wine-glass and an alcohol fuelled glow give this one away??

  8. To everyone who is emailing me and commenting on this post, yes, I KNOW it’s a fake. You should be able to tell that from the sardonic tone of the post. I posted the article because it’s amusing. This is not a serious news article ;)

    • You have to remember that when there is any reference to the great Internode the fanbois are on patrol everywhere 24/7.

      Even when a piece like this is obviously fake and tongue-in-cheek like this one, it will still incurr the wrath of the fan club.


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