CIO gives top seven tips for cloud adoption


blog Excellent blog post here from Altium chief information officer Alan Perkins, who gives his top seven tips for the most important things to consider when moving enterprise IT services into the cloud. Ranging from data portability to API options, risk mitigation strategies and beyond, this post represents a comprehensive mental headcheck for those considering the cloud. One of our favourite paragraphs:

“When I first started looking at Cloud concepts about six years ago I was looking with the eyes of a sceptic and I was asking the question “What can’t I do if I adopt this approach?” By taking this kind of view I found there were plenty of things I didn’t think I could do, and this thinking led me to see restrictions and obstacles. Once I started to ask myself rather contrary question “What can I do if I adopt this approach?”, I started to see all sorts of opportunities emerge.”

One of the things I most like about Perkins’ post is how sober it is. The executive is often cited as one of Australia’s chief end user proponents for the cloud. But the tone in his blog post is conservative and geared towards business requirements. This, and Perkins’ solid turn of phrase, make it a good read.

Image credit: Karina Faiani, Royalty Free