Telstra addresses SSU complaints


in brief Telstra today released a lengthy document to the Australian Stock Exchange (available here in PDF form) detailing possible responses to complaints by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission and other telcos to its Structure Separation Undertaking (SSU).

The (SSU) commits Telstra to full structural separation of its wholesale and retail business units by July 2018. In practice, this separation will take place through the progressive disconnection of fixed voice and broadband services on Telstra’s copper and HFC networks and migration of those services onto the National Broadband Network.

In addition, the SSU sets out the measures which Telstra will put in place to provide transparency in the supply of services to its wholesale customers during the NBN transition period over the next decade, as well as providing equivalence in the delivery of services — for example, allocating the same terms to rival ISPs such as Optus, iiNet, Internode and TPG as it does its own retail division, which typically operates under the ‘BigPond’ brand.

Due to other commitments this afternoon, Delimiter can’t cover Telstra’s document in detail just yet — although we’ll aim to analyse it by tomorrow morning. However, because this is a significant development I wanted to get a brief post up on it up to make you aware of its publication. Feel free to discuss it in the meantime and let us know whether you think it addresses problems with Telstra’s initial SSU.


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